DKV BOX ITALIA passes extensive tests by AISCAT

DKV Euro Service GmbH + Co. KG has reached an important milestone in the development of the DKV BOX ITALIA, which will allow invoicing of all Italian tolls in accordance with the European standard (EETS standard): the device has passed the main conformance and usability… Read more »

DKV offers fuel and toll invoicing for Georgia

At these stations, they can also pay the Georgian toll charge for transit transport vehicles (Road Toll Card) quickly and securely. “Georgia is an important transit country on the north-south axis between Russia and Turkey,”… Read more »

T-Systems, Daimler and DKV plan joint venture for European truck toll system

Frankfurt/Stuttgart/Ratingen – T-Systems International GmbH, Daimler AG and DKV EURO SERVICE GmbH + Co. KG plan to work together to develop and deliver European Electronic Toll Services (“EETS”) across the whole of Europe. The anticipated form of collaboration is a joint venture. The aim is to sign up sales partners to market the EETS services… Read more »

Ensure you are legally compliant through France

Affinity Transport Solutions helps customers handle proof of minimum wage formalities As from the 23rd July 2016 the French government requires that foreign, non-self-employed truck drivers whose transports start or end in France carry with them proof (deployment form) that they are in receipt of the French minimum wage. In addition to this every company… Read more »

Uniform toll payment all over Europe

In time to come, European electronic tolls service EETS intends to establish a uniform on-board unit (OBU) for all EU-countries. This will come as a relief primarily to all truckers, who often need several toll boxes on their European trips so far. Although the EETS-project was originally due for completion by 2012, it was grounded… Read more »

DKV extends supply network in Eastern Europe

DKV Euro Service’s customers can now use their DKV CARDs in Russia and Belarus for cash-free purchases of fuel. The fuel and service card provider will have added over 500 fuel stations to its supply network… Read more »

Use the DKV Card for tolls in Belgium

Registration phase for satellite-based toll system starts on 1 October 2015 On the 1st April 2016 Belgium is to introduce a satellite based toll system for trucks weighing over 3.5 tonne. The incurred toll charges can be conveniently settled through using the DKV Card. The registration phase for the new toll in Belgium starts on… Read more »

Pan-European settlement of toll charges

The supreme process quality and excellent service provided by the DKV CARD and DKV BOX now enable customers to settle their tolls and other road using charges in about 30 European countries; a number which will only increase in the years to come. In the following interview, Jürgen Steinmeyer, Toll Director of DKV Euro Service… Read more »

Pay the UK HGV road levy with the DKV Card

On April 1st, 2014, the United Kingdom introduces a time-based charge for foreign HGVs with a total weight of 12 tonnes and above. This applies to all public roads and must be paid in advance before entry into the country. The charge is paid directly through the online portal of the charge operator, Northgate Public… Read more »